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One map, many platforms

The eeGeo SDK contains all the tools you'll need to quickly develop an engaging, high-performance custom mapping experience. Get started by exploring our example applications on GitHub - see individual repositories for setup details.

Sign up for a free account, then create an API key to run examples yourself.

Android SDK

Android Java developers can use the C++ API through JNI.

Android API

The Android Java API is currently in development.

Example App

Get started with a map in an Android application using C++ and Java.

Windows SDK

For Windows developers writing desktop applications.

Windows API

The Windows C# API is in development.

Example App

Get started with a map in a WPF application using C++ and C#.


Immersive 3D maps for VR developers.


The VR API is in development.

Unity SDK

For Unity developers writing applications in C#.

Unity API

The Unity API is in development.

Unity Examples

Examples for Unity are in development.

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Our overview can help with general questions, or jump straight to platform SDK docs.

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