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eeGeo’s Showcase App

Recce is eeGeo’s showcase app made using our 3D mapping platform. Recce is completely open source and can be used as the starting point for your own app.


See the world in a whole new way


Explore the places around your city or your next vacation destination. Recce is an interactive city guide, ideal for planning your next adventure!


Find amazing new places to eat, drink, visit, all with curated reviews from Yelp! Planning your next vacation? Pin all the places you want to visit on your adventure!


Seamless exploration both indoor and outdoor venues. Take a guided tour of famous landmarks like Alcatraz.


Can’t find that amazing restaurant you go to all the time? You can create and share your own pins and we’ll get them included!


With ever-expanding coverage of the whole of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Paris, Barcelona and Northern Germany – you can experience Recce in over 300 major urban centres.



pronunciation: /ˈrɛki/ or ‘wrekie’

British informal term for reconnaissance.

Our first visit in November was largely as a recce and investigation of possibilities.


What others say about Recce

Recce has over half a million users. See what some of them say:


“In my 18 months using an iPhone, I can count with one finger the numbers of apps that have elicited an audible gasp. That finger represents Recce – a glorious-looking new real-time 3D mapping tool.”

– Will Dean, The Independent



“Wonderful!! – Stunning and incredibly fun way to explore NYC – best app I have downloaded. Hats off to the developers!”

– Jnf123, App Store Review


It’s definitely worth a mention:

“Overall, this is a pretty engaging way to check what is around you as a tourist or a local. It’s easy to use, although limited for now in its first incarnation. If you fancy a map of London with a little more entertainment, this might be one for you.”

– Jamillah Knowles, The Next Web


Not Just Fun:

“I wasn’t expecting much when I downloaded this app. What a great surprise. Graphics are fun and it is not just pretty. It is accurate and useful. Puts Google maps to shame.”

– The Jimmz, App Store Review


Presents a 3D, animated bird’s eye view of a city, and what is going on in it:

“Raising the game for what we should be expecting out of the world of social-mobile-local services – think of Recce as the pretty face of big data.”

– Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch


“Enhanced my trip As a visitor to London, this app made it easy to get your bearings straight from wherever I was located. I wish there were more cities to choose from.”

– Vince DiFurio, Google Play Review

Android app on Google Play

Tricks up their magician’s sleeves:

“Recce is a simply staggering app that you really should get hold of if you have the right kit.”

– Matt Brown, Londonist



Recce is made by eeGeo

Recce is the showcase app developed by eeGeo, using our beautiful, dynamic and engaging 3D maps.


Users spend longer exploring our 3D maps and return more often to discover information in them. Why stick with a 2D map when you can differentiate your business with the next generation interactive 3D view of the world.


Our maps are truly dynamic: change any aspect of the environment, style or theme in real time: time of day, weather, season and the appearance of buildings and land.


Go beyond overlays and pins and take full control of maps in your app. Place in-world items, points of interest, cars, trains and planes, or see the world from any viewpoint.


Visualise complex geospatial data to extract insight and make informed decisions. From crime statistics to energy efficiency to real time traffic information. Never before has big data looked this good.


Responsive user-experience matters to your users: so it matters to us. Our maps are optimised for performance and are powered by a high performance graphics engine born out of games technology.


All of our maps are cloud resident, enabling them to be delivered instantly to all types of device. We constantly keep our data up to date and can provide data updates without the need for you to build new applications.

Open Source

To get you started

Open Source

eeGeo is an open source company. Recce is provided as a completely open source app: you can use it as a starting point to build your own location-based app using eeGeo’s beautiful, dynamic and engaging 3D maps.