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Platform Pricing

Access to the eeGeo Platform is provided on the basis of a licence fee per monthly active user on a sliding scale with volume and subject to a minimum monthly commitment. The licence fee is inclusive of access to 3D mapping, all hosting and data transfer fees and provides access to standard support services, so there are no additional costs. This approach means that customers only pay for those users actively accessing the map data (rather than per application download) so that margins on user monetisation can be better managed.

Tours Pricing

Destination tours are provided on the basis of a fixed up-front project fee for the creation of content and custom modelling of the venue, together with a fixed ongoing monthly licence fee.

Additional Coverage Pricing

The creation of additional 3D map coverage, map customisation and customer indoor maps is provided on the basis of a fixed, one-time project fee based upon your specific requirements.

Professional Services Pricing

Professional services are provided on the basis of one time project fees dependent upon the scope and requirements of the customers. Typically the fees can be fixed, but in some circumstances they may be variable on a time and materials basis.