We’re growing our ecosystem of partners to package, market & deploy industry-specific solutions that provide innovative ways to interface with spatial data.

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We’re integrating varied map datasets to redefine how data & services can be represented in true 3D, allowing customers to rapidly create & deploy powerful map views.

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    Smart Cities/IoT
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01smart-cities-icn00SMART CITIES/IoT

Solution: Visualizing real time sensor data.

The number of devices linked to the internet continues to proliferate. eeGeo’s platform presents spatial context to visualize complex sensor building data in an immersive 3D experience, helping get to actionable insights faster.

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Qualcomm needed a platform to fully visualize smart city data to its customers. With eeGeo’s seamless experience navigating the user within both interior and exterior worlds, the full value of visualized smart city data is realized.

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02retail-veni-icn00Travel & Retail

Solution: Engaging venue visitors with an indoor location-enabled map experience.

The combination of Indoor Location and IoT devices is revolutionizing the way that we interact with the indoor environment. We’re partnering to bring together the leading technologies in this market with vertical solutions that integrate & interoperate through a single map-based interface.

The base eeGeo map experience includes basic search & wayfinding via our Senion integration, and is available through kiosks, mobile phones, & mixed-reality headsets.

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Senion solution removes navigational hurdles in hospitals, enables location-based notifications in shopping malls, and expands accessibility for the visually impaired. Senion chose eeGeo to offer their clients a superior UX, increased user engagement and satisfaction.

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03realestate-icn00COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE

Solution: Spatial visualization of property data and services.

By creating a fast, intuitive interface to a range of building information, commercial real estate organizations and servicers can better understand the financial and operational performance of their properties in real time.

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The AMP Commercial Real Estate platform is an industry leading product that makes managing real estate assets simple. AMP chose eeGeo to power spatial data visualization, making use of the powerful 3D map engine to deliver actionable insights on properties.

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eeGeo helps Avison Young to mindfully manage efficient building usage while also delivering an intuitive visualization of their properties to new tenants.

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04ar-vr-icn00AR/VR SOFTWARE

Solution: eeGeo’s SDKs provides the fastest path to developing a wide range of immersive applications based on the real-world.

The success of PokemonGO is driving development of the next generation of location-based games, which require scalable, streamable 3D representations of the world. eeGeo delivers this along with the tools to augment, customize and control the reimagined environment.

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ZoneVR is the world’s first truly live action gaming engine, and their collaboration with eeGeo allows their team to design innovative location based games with geo-accurate three-dimensional maps, for a better gameplay and immersive experience.

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03realestate-icn00WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT

Solution: We’re transitioning workplaces to be flexible and creative, while providing space utilization clarity and employee wayfinding.

We’ve developed a Smart Workplace solution in cooperation with Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Avison Young, and Qualcomm. By including the latest indoor positioning technology, our customers’ employees have all relevant information readily available to perform daily tasks quicker (i.e. book a meeting room).

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Solution: Enabling company-wide geo-messaging and other location based services to visitors.

Cisco needed eeGeo’s 3D maps to provide an enhanced visitor experience for their Customer Experience Centers through a connected and personalized mobile experience, such as a self-guided tour, while also helping to enact and promote their own infrastructure and wifi location services.

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We’re integrating varied map datasets to redefine how data & services can be represented in true 3D, allowing customers to rapidly create & deploy powerful map views.

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TomTom is an essential source for eeGeo’s global mapping data, providing navigable road network coverage, building footprint data across most major metropolitan areas worldwide and 3D landmark models for most major landmarks.

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Micello provides indoor map data for buildings and venues globally, enabling eeGeo to automatically create 3D representations of the insides of these destinations and integrate them with our 3D exterior views.

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eeGeo’s partnership with Ordnance Survey grants access to high fidelity map data including every man-made structure and terrain data for Great Britain. This allows us to create precise renditions of all buildings and show ground elevation and land use detail, accurately depicted due to our automated processing pipeline.

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ZENRIN provides high quality map data including all roads, buildings and landmarks for the country of Japan. Their comprehensive road data opened up the opportunity for eeGeo to create genuine, navigable road network representations for route finding and navigation functionalities on the platform.

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Visicom provides innovative GIS solutions, 3D maps and spatial calculations for most cities and regions worldwide, helping us create our world with greater realism and accuracy.

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