Source data for exterior and indoor 3D maps with global coverage


Global Mapping Coverage


TomTom is our primary source of global mapping data, providing navigable road network coverage, building footprint data across most major metropolitan areas worldwide and 3D Landmark models for most major landmarks.

eeGeo’s automated 3D map processing pipeline is capable of processing the TomTom source data to rapidly create 3D maps for new regions; TomTom’s broad coverage allows us to offer 3D mapping for almost everywhere in the world.

This snowy Chicago is generated using TomTom products.

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Ordnance Survey

Great Britain Map Data


As an Ordnance Survey Partner we have access to high fidelity map data including every man-made structure and terrain data for the whole of Great Britain. This allows us to create faithful renditions of all buildings and show ground elevation and land use in detail.

Since our automated processing pipeline is already capable of converting the Ordnance Survey data into 3D maps we are able to rapidly update our mapping
to reflect the very latest data as required.

This Edinburgh Castle scene is generating using OS data.

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Japan Map Data


zenrin zdc

ZENRIN provide high fidelity map data including all roads, buildings and 3D landmarks for the whole of Japan, enabling us to create highly detailed 3D maps for the country. ZENRIN also provide detailed 3D road data, allowing us to generate highly-realistic and navigable representations of the road network within the maps, providing application developers with the option of offering route finding and navigation functionality.

This Tokyo Skytree scene is generating using ZENRIN data.

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Detailed Global Map Data


Visicom provide detailed mapping data for 3D building information and land use for most cities and regions worldwide. By using data from Visicom in addition to our core providers we are able to enhance the 3D maps with additional detail to provide greater realism and accuracy.

This Copacabana Beach scene is generated using Visicom 3D building and Land Cover data.

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Indoor Maps



Micello provide data describing indoor maps of tens of thousands of buildings and venues globally, enabling us to automatically create 3D representations of the insides of these destinations and integrate them with our 3D exterior views.

With Micello data we can offer the ability for customers to take users inside their venues within the maps to provide a whole new dimension to engagement and delivery of information.

This indoor map is generated using Micello data.

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Source data for exterior and indoor 3D maps with global coverage