Real traffic

Dynamic, real-time traffic

Cars on every road, trains on every railway, and aircraft in the skies

Road & Rail

Clockwork vehicles traffic on the road network adds realism to a dynamic 3D world. All vehicles on road can be customised. Controlled individually or turned off entirely.

Aircraft and Airports

Clockwork air traffic adds dynamism to the skies of your map.


As a unique and unobtrusive advertising mechanism, advertisements and branding can be placed on the sides of vehicles, such as blimps. Ideal for advertising impressions that don’t detract from the browsing experience.


All vehicles are completely customisable: you can change the style, speed, and number of all road, rail and air vehicles. You can even turn off traffic and provide your own simulation.


For the display of traffic information, you can control the amount of traffic per road segment so when it’s bumper to bumper, it’s bumper to bumper in your map too.

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Traffic is managed via a component called TrafficSimulation. You can see an open-source example in our SDK examples.


Traffic Density is managed via a component called TrafficCongestion. More information is available in the SDK documentation. You can see an open-source example in our SDK examples.


All of our default vehicles are available open-source as part of our default style. You can use these as the basis for your own vehicle customisation.

SDK Features

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