For visualising routing data

Add route data with ease

Fast and elegant 3D visualisation

Route Drawing

Route drawing is fundamental to many map use cases: navigation, directions, logistics and fleet management. You can easily draw routes on your map with our Route Drawing API.

Continent Scale

Our route visualisation supports multiple levels-of-detail. Even if your route spans the length and breadth of a continent it will be displayed whether you’re at street-level or in low earth orbit.

Vehicle Placement

Vehicles can be placed on routes – for fleet management, logistics, or simply to add realism to navigation.

Route Playback

For fleet management, logistics, or navigation, you can play-back a route with fast forward, rewind, and pause capabilities.

Beyond Paths

Unlike other map providers our routing goes beyond simple path drawing. Vehicles can be played back over routes and GPS tracks can be matched directly to our road network. Learn more…
Colored Route National Route Route with avatar

GPS Traces

Snap GPS traces and arbitrary routes to roads

Advanced GPS Trace Matching

Super-fast, client-side GPS trace matching

GPS Traces

GPS tracks from your connected vehicle or fleet management suite can be snapped to our roads.

3D Matching

Unlike other GPS trace matching solutions, our GPS trace matching works against 3D road networks. The high-performance matching algorithm is optimized to run on client hardware, increasing responsiveness.


GPS trace matching is simple to use, just add your GPS trace as a route then turn on matching – the API does the rest for you.

Road Graph

Detailed road information

Full road information

From road connectivity, to number of lanes and speed limits

Road Graph

Our routing API goes beyond drawing routes, the all roads and road connectivity is available via the API.

Lane and Road Information

Detailed information about road segments is available via the API, including number of lanes, speed limit, road name, and type of road.

Routing and Navigation

The on-line road graph can be used to implement small-scale routing. Large scale routing must be provided off-line by a third party.


Traffic can be placed on roads – and you can control the movement of various vehicles, including congestion. Learn more..
Manhattan Roads London Roads

Get Started

Route Drawing

Route Drawing

Routes can be drawn via a component called Route Drawing. More information about route drawing is available via the SDK documentation. You can also see an open-source example in our SDK examples.


Vehicles can be added to routes, and routes back via a component called Route Simulation. More information route simulation is available via the SDK documentation. You can also see an open-source example in our SDK examples.

GPS Trace Matching

GPS Traces can be matched to roads via a component called Route Matching. More information about route matching is available via the SDK documentation. You can also see an open-source example in our SDK examples.

SDK Features

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