Add character to your map

Custom props to fit your app or brand

Easily draw 3D models in the environment

Make Your Mark

Improve your differentiator by taking advantage of the ability to enhance the map with 3D models that reflect your presence in the world. Embed the personality of your product directly in the world.

Navigation Cues

In addition to the map marker and labelling features provided by the eeGeo platform, your application can take advantage of 3D models to present a fully tailored navigation cues or place information directly in the 3D world.

Advertising Opportunities

By placing advertisements on models which seamlessly co-exist with the environment in the 3D scene, unobtrusive impressions which do not distract the user from the primary map browsing experience can be achieved. Advertising can be presented at appropriate in world locations as required by your application.

Tooling Support

The integrated POD model format enables your artists to use the PowerVR content authoring pipeline. The PowerVR tools allow the creation of assets in popular modelling packages such as Autodesk 3DSMax, Maya, and Blender which can be exported into the map.

In Situ Drawing

Seamlessly draw your models interleaved with the buildings and shadows cast within the 3D world automatically, with no extra work required from your app.


Bring your map to life

Simple frame-by-frame animation

Delight your users with animated 3D models

Dynamic Content

Emphasise the vibrant nature of your map. Characters and avatars associated with your app or brand can move around the map using animated 3D models. This works for structures too; think ferris wheels, wind turbines, and rollercoasters!

Tooling Support

Integration with PowerVR content authoring tools allow the skinning and rigging of 3D models for animation in popular modelling packages (such as Autodesk 3DSMax, Maya, and Blender) which can be exported into the map.

Video Game Technology

Set your mapping application apart from the rest by using techniques from the video games industry for high performance animated rendering of 3D models. Draw attention to important buildings or map features by providing an engaging and entertaining visual experience.


Special effects to delight users

Create explosive particle effects

Eye-catching displays to boost your application

Attract Attention

Enhance the visual appeal of your app with the inclusion of particle-based special effects like fireworks. These can be used to create ceremonies which draw attention to particular places at certain times, as appropriate for your application.

High Performance

Using video game technology, 3D particle effects are rendered smoothly and efficiently on a large range of mobile devices. Leave a lasting impression on users.

Customisable Display

The particle display color, location, and configuration are under your control. Tint and customise the particle bursts to match your application or branding. Design your displays to complement your map style.
San Francisco Bay Firework Particles 1 San Francisco Bay Firework Particles 2 San Francisco Bay Firework Particles 3 San Francisco Bay Firework Particles 4 San Francisco Bay Firework Particles 5

Get Started

Design your map now

Models and Animation

The eeGeo SDK provides support for the loading the PowerVR POD Format, for animation and rendering in the map. The PowerVR tools can be used to export a model created in a 3D modelling package such as Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, and Blender. See the SDK developer documentation for technical information on how to use the SDK to create, load, and render a model.


The eeGeo SDK provides support for the rendering particle effects, which can be used for drawing fireworks in the map. The SDK presents an API for displaying different configurations of particle bursts, which can be configured to become activate with varying probability depending on the time of day. See the SDK examples documentation for technical information on how to use the SDK to create and display firework particle bursts.

SDK Features

Beautiful, immersive and engaging 3D maps in minutes