Map Markers

Customisable point of interest icons

Choose your icon style

Map markers icons to match your brand or app

Custom Pin Markers

Highlight map features with fully customisable markers. The look and feel of the marker pins is under your your application’s control. Choose the right style for your brand.

Touch Responsive

Pin markers are already wired up to detect taps events, and to play nicely with the map camera. Quickly develop your application touch event handling.

Styled Hover Card

Our open source showcase app Recce ships with a hover card implementation for reference. The card is fully customisable, and has a ready-made focus system.

Automatic Ordering

Map marker icons automatically order based on distance from the camera within the 3D environment. The map does the right thing by default.

Tactile Animation

Marker pins automatically respond to entering and leaving the screen, by playing back an animation. This is demonstrated in Recce, our showcase app.
Statue of Liberty London

Map Labels

Highlight map features with customisable text

Select a label drawing style

Select the font, size and color for each label

Annotate Landmarks

Draw attention to a particular building or a specific region of the map with a custom text label. Use labels to provide users with information, or to draw attention to interesting features of the map.


Labels draw through the environment, but are grounded in the 3D world. Use them to provide your users with a navigation cue for exploring your app.


Label presentation can be controlled by your application, allowing internationalisation by using an appropriate font. ZENRIN DataCom have used Japanese labels in their application for NTT DoCoMo.


The default label controller automatically handles sorting the labels by distance from camera. As the user moves through the map, labels are elegantly and intelligently displayed or hidden based on the users location.

Control Appearance

The label icon, color, position, and size are under your control. Tint and customise the labels to match your application or branding. Design your labels to complement your map style.
labels_1 labels_2

Get Started

Design your map now


Custom map markers are available via a component called Pins. More information about managing pins is available via the SDK documentation. You can also see an open-source example in our SDK examples. Our open source showcase app Recce demonstrates the use of pins in the context of a rich application.


Custom labels are available via a component called PlaceNames. More information about managing place names is available in the open-source example in our SDK examples.

SDK Features

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