Indoor Maps

3D indoor map of your venue

Indoor Maps

If you want to create a 3D indoor map of your venue from a floorplan, you can follow our tutorial to find out how.

We can also create detailed models of the interior of your venues and integrate them with our 3D mapping, allowing users of your applications to explore both inside and outside your destinations.  Find out more about our Indoor maps.

25,000 Venues

We are able to automagically generate 3D indoor maps for over 25,000 venues globally, thanks to our partnership with Micello.

Your Brand. Your Venue.

We know how important your venue is: that’s why we can provide a faithful representation of your venue in your own branded map (branding must comply with data-vendor attribution requirements).


Enhance orientation by showing your user’s position. Provide position-relevant information as user’s enter, leave or approach areas. Our indoor maps seamlessly integrate with market-leading indoor positioning systems such as Cisco CMX, iBeacons, Google Eddystone and Apple Core Location.

Self-Guided Tours

eeGeo Indoor Maps Support custom tours – it’s a great way to show off the highlights of your venue to your audience. Venue managers can create tours in minutes, using just a smartphone camera.
Cisco_exterior_01_a Cisco_exterior_02_a /Cisco_Interior_01_a Cisco_Interior_02_a

Get Started

Indoor maps

Indoor maps

Our 3D interiors are available via a component called Indoor maps. Indoor maps are in early-release in our SDK. Alternatively, you can experience them in Recce San Francisco.

Your Venue

If you want to view an automatically generated 3d map of your venue on our platform, you can create and submit your own indoor map.  Please see our developer documentation for details.

If your needs are more bespoke, we can also rapidly and cost-effectively produce custom, compelling, interactive 3D maps of your space. Please contact us to get started, or find out more about a 3D indoor map for your venue. 

Open Example

Our 3D indoor maps are available in our open source example app and SDK samples. Clone on github.

SDK Features

Beautiful, immersive and engaging 3D maps in minutes