Data Visualisation

Display of quantitative information

Dynamic, 3D data visualisation

For the display of geospatial information


For the display of bounds and fences, the geofencing API lets you draw arbitrary polygons and receive notifications of entry / exit of entities within the fence.


For the display of aggregate statistical information like crime statistics or energy use both heatmaps and choropleth are provided.

Simple Charting

For simple geospatial charting, a charting API can plot stacked, statistical information anchored to a WGS84 lat-long.


Data visualisation can be applied to different map layers: buildings, roads, ground, or any combination of those.

Design and Style

From heatmap ramps to to chart colouring, the design and style of your data visualisation is completely under your app’s control.
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Get Started

Data Visualisation

Heatmaps and Choropleth

Heatmaps are managed via a component called Heatmaps. You can see an open-source example in our SDK examples. Choropleths are managed via a component called StencilAreas an open-source example is also available.

Simple Charting

Simple stacked bar charts anchored at WGS84 lat-longs are provided by a component called PolyCharts.
Collision with buildings and other Environment resources is provided via a component called the EnvironmentRayCaster. You can see an open-source example in our SDK examples.

SDK Features

Beautiful, immersive and engaging 3D maps in minutes