Unprecedented control over map design

Complete camera control

See the world from any view

Unprecedented Control

Your app is in complete control of the camera: from the field of view to the acceleration, your app can control every attribute of the camera, or even provide your own camera controller.

Global Camera

Don’t worry if camera control logic is too complex, we provide a completely open source camera controller that work with centimetre precision at any altitude. From inside the room to low earth orbit. It just works.

Transitions and Splines

For smooth, slick camera behaviour we provide out of the box transitions and camera splines.

Tour Cameras

For additional engagement in Tours we provide default camera behaviour: automatic transitions between tour points, splines, orbit and drone cameras.

Pins, Markers and Labels

The size and legibility of Pins, Markers and Labels just work. Your Pins and Markers will resize to legible device independent resolution based on camera position.

Get Started

Camera Controls


The camera is controlled via a component called Camera. More information about the camera is available via the SDK documentation. You can also see an open-source example in our SDK examples.

Coordinate System

Our SDK uses a 3D coordinate system called Earth Centered Earth Fixed (ECEF). More information about our coordinate system can be found in the SDK documentation. ECEF works seamlessly with WGS84 decimal degrees (colloquially lat,longs)

SDK Features

Beautiful, immersive and engaging 3D maps in minutes