Unprecedented interactivity

Every structure

Buildings as a first class map entity

Millions of Structures

From every structure in Great Britain and Japan to every OpenStreetMap building in the USA and Canada. And every single one is interactive.


Unlike most mapping providers we treat buildings as a first class entity. Every building can be selected and interacted with, providing a rich set of information.

Selection and Highlighting

For rich interactivity with buildings, we provide building selection and highlighting out of the box.


Full collision information is provided for all buildings. Enabling simple activity like selection, to complex interaction like full game physics.

Pins and Markers

Precise anchor points are provided, allowing you to anchor Pins, Markers and Information to specific buildings.


For buildings and venues that really matter, we can provide custom buildings called landmarks – making your venue instantly identifiable.
london1 london1

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Building Interaction

Selection and Highlighting

Building selection and highlighting is managed via a component called BuildingSelection. You can see an open-source example in our SDK examples.


Collision with buildings and other Environment resources is provided via a component called the EnvironmentRayCaster. You can see an open-source example in our SDK examples.

SDK Features

Beautiful, immersive and engaging 3D maps in minutes