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zdc docomo

With over 60M subscribers, NTT DoCoMo is Japan’s largest mobile network operator; they are delivering a unique 3D mapping experience to their smartphone and tablet customers, thanks to apps created by ZENRIN DataCom using the eeGeo Platform.

Our 3D maps provide NTT DoCoMo with the ability to create a differentiated customer experience, with freedom to give the maps a distinctive Japanese style and to deliver their own local search information and content.

ZENRIN map data was used to create a 3D map of the whole of Japan to which highly detailed custom models of hundreds of key landmarks were added. The iOS and Android based apps offer turn-by-turn routing, local search, categorised and filtered points of interest as well as the display of live Twitter activity.

The scalability of the eeGeo Platform has enabled NTT DoCoMo to deliver their 3D mapping app to millions of consumers, through both their own and the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Cisco Systems

Enhanced Visitor Experience

cisco-1 cisco-2 cisco-3 cisco-4

To provide an enhanced visitor experience of their Customer Experience Centers (CXC), Cisco Systems turned to eeGeo for engaging, highly detailed 3D indoor maps to deliver a connected mobile experience through a dedicated application.

Customers, partners and Cisco employees visiting the CXC can experience WiFi location services that position themselves and others in the interactive, real time 3D indoor environment. Users of the application can orient themselves and navigate the indoor space as well as identifying key points of interest. An interactive card carousel offers a self-guided tour of the CXC that enables Cisco to deliver key product and solutions information at the same time as identifying where they can be experienced with the building.

eeGeo have integrated the model of the CXC’s indoor space with their 3D maps, providing users with a seamless transition between exterior and interior mapping.

The combination of eeGeo’s 3D mapping with the Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform demonstrates how location based services can deliver engaging personalised mobile experiences for end users. Cisco are able to provide a better experience of their venue for visitors before, during and after attending briefings as well as enhancing communication of their product and solution information.


Design Scotland


To drive engagement and interaction with their first national touring exhibition, Design in Motion, V&A Dundee created an app using eeGeo’s 3D maps.
The Design Scotland app allows users to help create a design map of Scotland by sharing their stories, icons and photos regardless of where they are

The app allows the museum to engage with as wide a global audience as possible, and to maintain that engagement even when the exhibition tour has
ended. Users are able to follow the route of the tour – an animated 3D object represents the specially designed bus on the map which is tracked as it drives
around the country – as well as explore hundreds of categorised museum exhibits linked to the Scottish locations they are associated with. The fun and
engaging nature of the 3D maps encourages discovery, and offers the opportunity for users to ‘pin’ their own location of interest in the map.

The Design Scotland app was created using our open source example app and is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Galaxy Quest


When Samsung wanted to promote their latest Galaxy Quest smartphone at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, they turned to eeGeo’s 3D maps to create compelling city-guide apps for their devices. This allowed fans and visitors to explore the city through their smartphones, enhancing their experience of the event.

The stunning 3D maps of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offer users routing information to help them navigate, the ability to search or browse for key points
of interest (whether transportation, landmarks, restaurants, hotels, beaches or bars) and two embedded games to provide entertainment and promote
discovery. The Helicopter Sightseer game puts the user at the controls to fly over the cities and visit key landmarks, whilst the Scavenger Hunt encourages the user to find locations around the city through browsing the map.

copacabana latrattoria helicoptor christ-redeemer




Hubio provide game-changing Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and telematics technologies to the insurance industry. They have created a virtual world based on eeGeo 3D maps that enables their customers to engage with end users and deliver them information in an engaging and intuitive environment.

The MiWorld app allows users to review their real-world driving habits by visualising the data in the geo-spatially accurate 3D map environment. The app enables users to search for all types of motoring-related information – parking lots, petrol stations and prices, speed cameras, weather and more – and discover local points of interest. It also helps them manage all aspects of vehicle ownership, from servicing through to coping with an accident.

The fun and engaging nature of the 3D map environment makes MiWorld the go-to app for all aspects of motoring, encouraging frequent repeat use. The social and community aspects of the app such as messaging and driving ability comparisons further encourage loyalty. A preview is available on iOS.

miworld-1 miworld-2 miworld-3


Whereis Melbourne


Sensis were able to bring their local search and directory content and Whereis mapping data together in an engaging 3D city guide to Melbourne.

The app provides an intuitive means to see local businesses on the map as themed points of interest icons – for coffee shops, restaurants, bars & clubs, accommodation, parks and ATMs – as well as to find key landmarks in the city.

The detailed 3D mapping of buildings and landmarks makes it easy for users to orient themselves as they browse the interactive map and discover local attractions. The Whereis Melbourne app was created using our open source example app and is available for iOS.


Bringing local information and content to regional guides


As the digital media platform division of the leading regional newspaper publisher, Nordsee-Zeitung, NordNextz are using eeGeo’s 3D mapping platform to bring their hyperlocal content to mobile.

Their local guides will include details of restaurants, lifestyle and shopping locations as well as event information and advertising.

The ability to populate the 3D maps with detailed animated models is helping to enhance the realism and fun in interactive event guides.

The first Nordnextz apps provide the official interactive guides to the Bremerhaven Sail 2015 event, the largest windjammer festival in Europe. The apps use 3D maps to deliver news and information, details of the participating ships, daily event information and directions, parking and local hotel and restaurant details. The engaging maps allow users to find all of the key elements of the events, with 3D visualisations illustrating the exact location of ships and venues in relations to key landmarks.

The Bremerhaven Sail 2015 app is available for iOS and Android.

miworld-1 miworld-2 miworld-2




When working with MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency, the architectural consultancy ARUP used eeGeo’s 3D mapping platform to create an app to showcase their proposed developments in the city.

The interactive maps were ideal to help visualise new buildings and developments in situ and to deliver information about local transportation links, universities and the developments themselves in a way that allows the user to relate them geographically to the proposed improvements. ARUP used the app to engage clients and for public and governmental consultation, providing an intuitive medium for explaining their proposals and allowing stakeholders to more easily evaluate their impact.

arup-1 arup-2 arup-3 arup-4