The Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokémon Go, has taken the world by storm. We couldn’t help but wonder what the outlook of the game could have been, had it used eeGeo’s dynamic 3D maps!

Discover the latest tools, tips and resources to help you design the next big AR game.

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    Go Indoors

    With eeGeo’s maps, players have the ability to venture inside buildings as opposed to navigate a flat 2D map. This enables them to identify the location of a Pokémon in a virtual environment with mathematically accurate precision. Learn more about our Indoor Maps API.

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    Render Avatars

    eeGeo’s SDK supports any animated 3D model in .POD, which can be exported from most 3D modelling tools. Learn more about how to load a dynamic avatar, move it along a route and animate it.

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    Turn Points of Interests into Portals

    With eeGeo, developers and users could define their own Pokestops or Portals using our Point of Interest (POI) API, whether through the API itself or by contributing to their own in the app. Learn more about our POI API.

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    A Map Available in AR, VR,
    Mobile and Web

    Have you ever imagined watching your monsters battle in VR against each other, as opposed to a virtual arena that never changes? This is now possible with eeGeo. When you feed a building into our eeGeo map, it becomes accessible on all platforms including Virtual Reality.

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