3D Indoor Maps

Intuitive, Immersive, Connected

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Attract visitors with better representation


eeGeo dynamic animated Indoor Maps are easy to understand and quickly provide users the information they need.


Our realistic 3D representation of venues encourages users to explore, providing unprecedented orientation, and helps them discover all that you have to offer.


Your venue is part of our seamless outdoor/indoor 3D map of the world, placing your venue in it’s surrounding context, vital to your venue user’s and visitors.


Visualise real time location data, services and information through themed pins, animated 3D objects and colour coding within the interior space.

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Working With Us

Base Map Creation


Map Enhancement


Model your venue in 3D

  • Interior floorpan modeling for all floors
  • Creation of POIs and labels
  • Positioning of the building within the Global Map
  • Publish into the eeGeo SDK
  • Import your indoor maps from Micello

Connect to live data, render on any device

  • Integrate Feeds & APIs
  • Build into new or existing apps, or let our professional services team take care of it
  • Publishing to iOS, Android, Web or Virtual Reality

Capture the details that make a space unique

  • Customize floors and walls with textures materials, and lighting
  • Add furnishings
  • Animate 3D objects to direct user attention

Connected Indoor Maps


Enhance orientation by showing your user’s position. Provide position-relevant information as user’s enter, leave or approach areas. Our indoor maps seamlessly integrate with market-leading indoor positioning systems such as Cisco CMX, iBeacons, Google Eddystone and Apple Core Location.




Reduce the time spent wandering around your property lost. Guide visitors directly to their destination with enhanced orientation and Interior Routing.

Data Visualisation

See how space is being used, unlocking insights that optimise resource utilisation.

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Facilities Management Integration

Integrate and generate real- time utilisation and service information, and get it into the hands of those who need it on the ground.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Self-Guided Tours

eeGeo Indoor Maps Support custom tours – it’s a great way to show off the highlights of your venue to your audience. Venue managers can create tours in minutes, using just a smartphone camera.


eeGeo’s dynamic map pins & labels can deliver real-time messages and promotions, maximising the revenue generation power of the platform.

Attract, Engage, Retain

Help Visitors plan their visit ahead of time, and engage with them during their tour of your venue. Retain users’ interest by delivering information and updates after their visit.

Get your 3D map

Get started with a 3D map of your venue today:

Venue Owners

With access to floor plans you can import your venue into our seamless outdoor/indoor 3D map painlessly. From architectural or facilities management floor plans, to schematic floor plans in GeoJSON, AVF or ESRI Shapefile can all be processed into an interactive, 3D venue map. Contact enquiries@eegeo.com to get started.

Micello Customers

eeGeo and Micello have partnered to give Micello customers the easiest path to an interactive 3D experience; existing customers can get in touch with us at enquiries@eegeo.com to arrange for a preview of their venue


Developers can get started right away with our 3D maps SDK. Create stunning, interactive venue maps in minutes for iOS, Android, WebGL and VR, or submit your own indoor maps via our API.