Joining the Cisco Solution Partner Program

By Piers Duplock on 19th April 2016 | Announcements, Press Release
Cisco Interior

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined the Cisco Solution Partner Program as a Solution Partner! You can find our page here.

This announcement comes off the back of us releasing the CXC Explore 3D app for Cisco featuring their Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) and Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP) solutions which is now downloadable for iOS on the app store.

The app allowed us to integrate accurate indoor positioning into our maps using Fastlocate in conjunction with EMSP and CMX. We were extremely happy to do this as indoor orientation and navigation solves many everyday problems venue and business owners experience. We often get requests for indoor navigation to optimise visitor and employee experiences. Indoor positioning technology is extremely exciting to us and we are looking forward to the continued development in the space.

The Solution Partner Program unites Cisco with third-party independent hardware and software vendors to deliver integrated solutions to joint customers. This means Cisco has officially recognised that our product is a complementary offering to their own and values our collaboration.

We’re very excited to join the Partner Program and see what further collaboration the future holds between us and Cisco.

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