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By Piers Duplock on 10th December 2015 | Announcements, Indoor Mapping, Press Release

We’re excited about the next steps for the eeGeo 3D map platform: bringing our maps indoors. We’ve launched our first Indoor Maps within our Recce San Francisco app and in our brand new app CXC Explore 3D, and our first customers are using our Indoor 3D Maps to deliver a better user experience in their mobile apps.

A video from our new app, CXC Explore 3D, using Cisco’s Building 9 at Bedfont Lakes.

It’s this user experience that really sets eeGeo Maps apart from traditional maps. Our Indoor Maps are easier to use, they make properties look better, and they make for great mobile apps to connect your community closer together.

Intuitive: eeGeo’s 3D rendering provides visitors more natural orientation. It’s easier for users to find their way around after seeing our maps – we’re uniquely wired to understand 3D spaces. Moreover, our simplified style allows our world to be dynamic – it’s easy to adapt how the world looks to help users understand the environment.

Immersive: Whether it’s on a mobile phone, or in Virtual Reality, users love exploring with our maps. Our video game heritage inspired this vibrant, animated world; it’s still a map, but it can capture attention like no boring flat map can.

Integrated: Each eeGeo Indoor 3D Map is placed inside the eeGeo World, our geospatially-accurate 3D map platform.  Seamless exterior to interior transitions keep users oriented at all times, making it easy for for our customers to show neighborhood amenities, parking, and public transportation.

Connected: There are so many useful things that can be done when your phone knows where it is, down to a corner of a specific room. To help facilitate this, we’re giving property owners the tools to connect these maps to useful mobile services, internal data, and existing communities.

eeGeo Indoor 3D Maps are available to property owners today. Our Map creation process uses just about any source material to build your base map; within a few weeks, it is available within the eeGeo platform, for use on mobile phones, web, and Virtual Reality.

It’s a product for the growing segment of properties that offer their own app, or at least want to. Our value proposition is simple: people will be more likely to visit you because of the appealing representation in our maps, and more likely to continue using your app more because of the better user experience.

Piers Duplock

Piers Duplock is a Producer and is based in Dundee, Scotland

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